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18 February 2002 11:28am cst
Well, not much of an update today. I've finally got a few things worked out away from the comic, so I can finally work on getting more comics drawn and uploaded. I've had quite a few things happen here recently that I've had to get taken care of before I could focus on anything else. I apologize to everyone who's been visiting and have seen the same comics up day after day. In the future, I'm going to work on getting at least some filler comics put up on days when I'm not going to be able to have a full comic up, so at least there's something up for people to see. Also, I moved the forums, so if you were a registered user, please re-register. I think this forum setup will have less problems.
29 January 2002 10:03 cst
Well, everything's back up and running. Now that the admins have gotten everything moved over to the new servers, everything should be running a whole lot faster and smoother. I hope to have a new webtracking service in use within the next few days, so that I can see how many people have been visiting my wonderful little comic. Check out the forum, weblog, and whatever catches your fancy!
8 January 2002 6:28pm cst
Storyline begins today, vist the weblog and forum for more stuff to do!
7 January 2002 12:35pm cst
webforum's up and running! Here's the link to it! Visit, join, and post....please?
6 January 2002 11:32pm cst
Well, I've added a few new pages to my site, mostly the archive and links pages. I'm off from work tomorrow, so I should have a new comic drawn and up hopefully tomorrow night.
On a side note, I've gotten the necessary files uploaded for the webforum, but i'm still having a little bit of trouble getting everything configured. I'll post up here when it's ready to go.
Well, that's all for right now, give me a few hours, and i'll have the forum up and running!
1 January 2002 9:40pm cst
Happy New Year to everyone!
A couple more just playing around comics are up. Today happens to be my son's 1st birthday, so I didn't have much time to get anything done on the site I've worked on a couple of graphics for the links page, cast page, weblog page, things like that, but I haven't had any time to finish them, get the code for the pages that they are going to written or put up. Have no fear, though. the update with those items shall be coming soon. I hope to hear back from the help desk about getting the Ikonboard webforum up, cause it runs in cgi, so I've got to have the admins hook me with the cgi stuff. Well, that's about it for now...laterz!
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